RCS Card how to apply and where to shop

RCS Card
RCS Card

RCS Card is the best it gives you access to shop over 20 000 stores and to apply is quick you can apply at your nearest store or online you just apply to get approved if you are approved you get to complete the next step and the card can be obtained in the supporting stores fulfill your self with the RCS Card in shopping.

Ways to apply

To apply for RCS Card you can apply in supporting stores or online is simple with documents needed in hand like your South African ID book, latest of your bank statement and payslips and you have to be 18 years or older then you can change the way of living with RCS Card in shopping.

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What does the RCS Card offer

RCS Card offers you the access to buy in 20 000 stores with the quick application online for you to get shopping instantly and the credit limit it can be between R4000 to R15 000 and you can check your balance using your phone RCS Card have just made shopping easy and reliable.

Contact details

Call:0861 729 727 or Fax: 021 597 4727 or Website:www.rcs.co.za

RCS Card
RCS Card

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