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  1. Christopher:

    Hi I need a loan

  2. Christopher:

    Need a R2000 loan

  3. charlotte:

    Hi I’m a pensioner that earn R4700 per month .do I qualify for a loan

  4. phumela:

    Hi iam Phumela I need an amount of R80000 to settle my accounts plz help

  5. ntombizodwa:

    i need a consolidation loan urgent. to have one debts

  6. Zelda:

    Please provide info on a consolidation loan. Thanks

  7. abbas gavin nazombe:

    Good day was woundering if u can help me with a consolidation loan for 150000 please

  8. rachel:

    I need a loan 300rand please

  9. eric:

    hi i need a loan.i earn 25000 excluding monthly bonuses and overtime

  10. bianca:

    I need a loan

  11. Nkululeko Dlamini:

    Hi I need a loan worth 25 000, please can I get ur email address so I can send you the proposal on how I’m planning to pay you back.

  12. Ganikaya Alfred:

    Required R100 000 to make my accounts into one single payment I owed R50 000 ABSA and NedBank R22 000 that’s why I requested consolidation Loan

  13. chereldene:

    Hi my name is chereldene would like to make a loan of 3000 if I do qualify thanks

  14. Jaun-Jac:

    Good Day
    I would like to apply for a consolidation loan, if possible please assist me in this matter.

  15. shahieda:

    I need loan of R6000,00

  16. zukiswa:

    Need loan

  17. megan:

    hi i need a loan to consolodate my debts and have some money out

  18. samanthia:

    Helo u need a loan please of 4000 wana pay it of in 6months time please

  19. lucinda botha:

    need a loan urgent

  20. Albert Joubert:

    I would like to apply for a loan of R4500 and loan term of 12 months Regards Albert Joubert

  21. Cynthia:

    I need R20000 loan to pay off all my loans and pay one amount.

  22. Cynthia:

    I need R200000 loan to pay off all my debts and pay one loan.

  23. Donald:

    I need to Consilidate my debts.

  24. lufuno:

    Hi! I need a loan of 6000 and the online application doesn’t open

  25. Michal:

    Hi I need a loan to cosalidate personal loans and accounts and money to buy food please

  26. adri:

    hi, I would like to apply for a loan please.

  27. Fikiswa:

    I need a loan for 5000

  28. Thandeka:

    Need a temporary loan of 1000

  29. Mr Crystal Clark:

    Do you need an urgent loan today? I f yes contact us via email

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