Kwikservice and Finchoice

Qwiekfin Personal Loan
Qwiekfin Personal Loan

Kwikservice and Finchoice enables each and every individual to easy apply and manage their account on Mobi with no need to visit the branch and thats saving cash and time Kwikservice and Finchoice gives you the best.

What Kwikserve and Finchoice Offer

  • Check your balance.
  • Apply for another loan.
  • Apply to skip for a payment next month

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Loan Products

  • Kwikadvance of up to R20 000 12 months term.
  • Flexi loan of up to R10 000 6 month term.
  • Premier loan of up to R30 000 term of 36 months term.

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Kwikserve and Fichoice
Kwikserve and Fichoice

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