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King Cash Loan
King Cash Loan

Have Financial fredom with a loan from King Cash LoansKing Cash Loans offers loans have an easy personal loan repayment terms with 1 to 18 months to pay, Variable Loan amount, between R2 000 and R15 000 for a personal loan, No security, in the form of personal possessions, is required.

A Personal Protection Plan is included with all loans: ensuring your debt is settled in the event of death or disability.


If we don’t know you yet, this is a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string” but take heart and remember: King Cash is governed by the NCR, and ‘Loan Shark’ tactics will not be tolerated. Don’t forget we’ve got 60 years of lending under our belts and credibility is at the backbone of our longevity, it also means that King Cash is no fly-by-night service provider.

Your loan repayment amount will depend on:

  • your credibility,
  • the total loan amount
  • the repayment term

The best way to find out what you’ll be required to pay is to call us on FREE on 0800 113 637 and apply for the loan amount first. If you’re approved, all the details will be provided to you and you can then accept or decline. Remember with King Cash there is no obligation to take up the loan.

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King Cash  Authorised Financial Service Provider personal loan
King Cash Authorised Financial Service Provider personal loan

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